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What Does Your Bedroom Design Say About You?

By AdFeatures  |  Posted: November 22, 2012

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A place to relax, get ready for a night out, exercise and watch TV - our choice of bedroom design must now cater to a number of different needs. Not only that, but the way you choose to decorate your bedroom says a lot about your character – meaning it’s important to give it a lot of thought.

Fitted or Freestanding

The first choice you’re likely to encounter with your bedroom design; choosing between fitted and freestanding furniture can be difficult. Lovers of sleek, modern styles will adore Betta Living bedroom interiors, which are fitted within the confines of the room in order to maximise space. Traditionalists may prefer free standing units which look great with the right décor.

Storage Solutions

If you believe in a place for everything and everything in its place then fitted wardrobes with sliding doors are an ideal space-saving solution. With sliding doors you’ll be able to keep the doors closed on clutter, while you’ll save space because your doors won’t open out into the room.

For those who prefer to be surrounded by their much loved belongings, open shelving and clothes rails allow you to display your favourite things neatly. Whilst the first option is the mark of a practical individual, the second reflects the mind of a more extroverted character that is proud to show off their clothing collection.

Colour Chart

Bright, cheerful colours are perfect for vibrant personalities, though a shocking pink or sunshine yellow room can be slightly overbearing. If you want to incorporate bright colours into your scheme then keep it on one accent wall and highlight with accessories.

To create a calm and tranquil environment, choose soft neutral colours like cream or beige and add interest with your accessories. Your choice of lighting will also be incredibly important so try to avoid harsh, bright bulbs in favour of softer spotlights or shaded lamps.

Fabulous Flooring

When it comes to bedroom floors, it’s important that whatever you choose is warm and welcoming. If you opt for floorboards, lino or any other hard materials, make sure you add a plush rug to add warmth and comfort.

To create a truly luxurious feel, choose a carpet with a deep pile in a rich colour. Remember to think practically and avoid light colours, such as cream, if you are worried about damage or marks. If you want to keep your floor as easy to maintain as possible, a wipe-clean surface such as laminate is ideal.

Bedding Down

Your bed can reveal a lot about your personality and there are plenty of options to choose from. If you’re a no-nonsense, straight talker then your bed should be simple, unfussy and neutral. Creative types are more likely to select something opulent, covered with pillows and luxurious fabrics.

Of course, it’s not just the choice of bed which will reflect your character – your choice of bed linen will have a similar effect. Those after a traditional approach may opt for a gentle combination of plain sheets and duvets with a light blanket for colder months. Those with more modern tastes are likely to select more colourful, patterned designs with plenty of scatter cushions.

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