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Drill-free dentistry in Gillingham proves a hit for teenage Joe

By Blackmore Vale Magazine  |  Posted: November 24, 2012

  • Dental fillings can now be carried out at Winning Smiles without drilling thanks to Fluid Abrasion.

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A GILLINGHAM dentist is now able to offer drill-free dentistry through the use of a revolutionary technique called Fluid Abrasion, the use of which is thought to be unique in the South West.

Thirteen-year-old Joe Kelliher from Gillingham was one of the first patients at award winning dentists Winning Smiles to experience a dental filling without the accompanying squeal of a dentist's drill.

Joe says: "This was my first ever filling and I wasn't really looking forward to it as people said that the dentist would have to drill in to the tooth, but the whole experience was good fun and felt very comfortable and painless. The dentist chatted to me and told me what was happening throughout the 30 minutes and really it was a quick and fun way to get my tooth fixed."

Winning Smiles dentist Murray Hawkins said Fluid Abrasion involves washing away decay using a machine called the Aquacut Quattro that is a bit like a miniature patio jet washer using unique particle control technology. There is no direct contact with the tooth structure – and no vibration, turbine noise, heat generation or smell, and therefore a greatly reduced need for local anaesthesia. This makes it ideal for treating young, nervous or needle-phobic patients.

The Aquacut Quattro's patented hand piece delivers a high-speed fluid stream, fed from a self-contained reservoir, to create a liquid curtain around the abrasive medium. This provides comfortable and efficient cavity preparation.

Murray Hawkins, who started the Winning Smiles practice in 2006, says that the revolutionary Fluid Abrasion technique is all part of his determination to take the fear out of visiting the dentist.

"For years a visit to the dentist has been viewed with dread by many people. One in four of us describe ourselves as 'very apprehensive' and a further 40% as 'fairly apprehensive' when receiving dental treatment. At Winning Smiles we are developing solutions to each of the main fears which plague dental patients and fear of the dentist's drill is certainly one of the reasons that people give for avoiding the dentist," said Murray.

After his pain free filling, Joe Kelliher says that he is looking forward to his next dental visit at Winning Smiles and will be recommending the experience to his friends and family.

For more information on Fluid Abrasion or any other dental treatments, contact Winning Smiles Dental Care, T/: 01747 826222 or E/: dentist@winningsmilesgillingham.com or check out: www.winningsmilesgillingham.com

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