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LETTER: 'Some OAPs should be more considerate'

By shill  |  Posted: March 01, 2014

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I have been living in Gillingham for two years, and have always found the people to be very pleasant. But this year I have not only encountered, but also witnessed some terribly impatient and rude actions from the older generation.

I do not wish to tar everybody with the same brush, but I have witnessed some inexcusable behaviour in the high street. On Friday last week driving down the high street passing by Woods (now closed), passing by a long row of parked cars, I checked as far as I could see to make sure that nobody was driving up towards me.

It was clear so I made my way down. A little way down a red car came towards me. The driver could see that I had already started my manoeuvre but continued to keep driving towards me. When he pulled alongside of me, the elderly man who was driving was downright rude to me.

It was difficult to see from where I was and I know that he wasn't there when I started. Could he not have waited a couple of seconds to let me through, instead of being impatient? After all they have plenty of time. The elderly complain that they are not respected, I say you have to earn it!

Why can't people be pleasant to each other and more patient? Sometimes you have to wait a few seconds - is that really too much to ask for?

D Knight, Gillingham

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