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LETTER: It's Global Cooling we should be worrying about

By shill  |  Posted: May 14, 2014

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I am in no doubt that David Boswell (BVM 2nd May) has me in his sights due to letters you have published from me to refute the alarmist claims that our world is about to turn into a desert, except where it is flooded under several feet of rising sea levels.

Perhaps we should get a few things straight. No one but no one I know has ever disputed that our climate changes. The question that matters is how is it changing and what are the causes? The one crucial point I totally deny is that Carbon Dioxide is in any way responsible. This benign trace gas, essential to all plant life, and needed in our lungs, cannot either by common sense or scientific knowledge have any bearing on our climate. Just ask yourself how can a gas that is only 0.037% of our atmosphere have any bearing on climate change? Just draw a pie chart and try to draw a visible line to represent 0.037% of your chart. Indeed how stupid can people be? As if this was not enough nonsense they talk about Carbon Dioxide as Carbon! Would you talk about Hydrogen as Water? Water is of course Hydrogen Dioxide but we know perfectly well that Hydrogen and water are totally different, as indeed is Carbon Dioxide and Carbon, otherwise known as Coal, Graphite or Diamonds for instance.

We know from core samples CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) is at an historical low. We also know CO2 has increased over the last 250 years when it first started to be measured but this is entirely to be expected through cyclical global warming. The biggest holders, or sinks if you prefer, of CO2 are our massive oceans. As water warms it releases CO2 so it is the effect not the cause of global warming. While talking of the deep oceans just one of the undersea volcanoes that are constantly erupting emit more CO2 than human activity.

Oh! and by the way, despite the innuendoes I am sadly not employed by "big oil" or "Gas" but run my own company and have done so for fifty years. Having been invalided from the Royal Navy after the Korean War I joined ICI Plastics Division. My scientific knowledge was greatly extended by frequent courses at our Research Laboratories at Welwyn Garden City, mainly to study Carbon as the basic element of our products. Those concerned at the detriment of our environment have many legitimate targets such as pollution, the demineralisation and sterility of our soils due to excess chemical farming to name but two burning issues but, by making fools of themselves over CO2, they destroy and demean their cause.

Also by the way, the flooding of the Somerset Levels was due to an EU Directive to stop dredging of Parrot and Tone and the Thames flooding was rather less than when the Houses of Parliament, amongst others, were flooded in the mid 1800s. In support of cyclical warming and cooling as might be expected at the top of the current warming cycle there has been no warming for the past eighteen years and North America has just experienced its coldest winter for seventy years. Forget Global warming! What we should be worrying about is Global Cooling and the next Maunder or Dalton minimum that our children will shiver in!

Bill Woodhouse, Mappowder

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