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Letter: Why this obsession with trees?

By mbarber  |  Posted: May 01, 2014

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What is that some people in this area have with retaining or planting more trees? Don't get me wrong, I love trees, I always have since I used to climb them as a young lad, something youngsters don't do these days. However, some people seem to be going over the top about trees. Recently, a business development, creating much needed employment was rejected because some trees were in the way. An enquiry was made to re-surface an access road to residential flats, which would be a good test road for car suspension tests, was told that to do so would damage the tree roots that were causing the road to buckle in the first place.

Now there is the ridiculous situation where a group want to put more trees in Wimborne Square at an estimated cost is around £35000? The polished surface in the square is bad enough when it's wet anyway, so imagine in the autumn when leaves are being shed by the trees, a real nightmare for the elderly especially. Who can we sue in the event of injury in a fall?

There are enough trees around the East Dorset area as it is. They don't get looked after. The leaves and pine needles are left to lie and rot on the footpaths, roots buckle the footpaths and overhanging branches come down in the winds and even bring down power and telephone lines.

As I stated earlier I love trees, but there is enough woodland around the area for those who want to see them. I suggest that the council and landowners look after the trees already here before looking to put in more and use a bit of common sense.

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