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North Dorset Council to raise council tax to fund community projects

By DavidBol  |  Posted: February 06, 2013

Cllr Deborah Croney, Leader of North Dorset District Council

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North Dorset District Council will increase council tax for residents in order to prevent borrowing and stop cuts to services.

The Council's Cabinet recommended raising the charge by £5 per year - meaning North Dorset locals will still pay less than those in any other Dorset local authority.

The full council will meet on Thursday February 21 to consider raising the district council charge to £109,78 per year for a Band D property.

Cllr Deborah Croney, Leader of North Dorset District Council said: "We have held council tax for the last two years and we are fully aware that most residents would have preferred to see no rise again this year, given all the other pressures on household budgets.

"Cabinet considers this to be the right decision because, without this income, the Council would be forced to borrow in order to fulfill our commitments and to provide essential services to the district.

"Borrowing costs money: money earmarked for services would have to be diverted to finance our debts."

In the next financial year, North Dorset District Council hopes to invest in a number of community projects including connecting residents and businesses to super-fast broadband and introducing a new waste and recycling scheme.

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  • harryX  |  March 31 2013, 9:06PM

    @saundas7 "...When you block book a thousand of the poorest people to "court" at once, court costs are nearer £3 each, than £75 or £100 each. They are parasites on the most hard up in society.." Looks like someone's trying to get these issues into the High Court. http://tinyurl.com/accboq8 APPLICATION TO MAGISTRATES' COURT TO STATE A CASE FOR AN APPEAL TO THE HIGH COURT The thing is it seems like the Magistrates court is trying to prevent this happening..... http://tinyurl.com/cljuux7

  • comeuppance  |  March 31 2013, 8:48PM

    @ hetzer "I agree, the plod do nothing, they have been bought off. If the plod were doing their jobs and 'upholding the law of the land', they would arrest the lot...." I wouldn't argue with that... http://tinyurl.com/d9b6jjq

  • saundas7  |  February 17 2013, 1:45AM

    Hetzer, I can't contact you on Brian's site (if you meant UKcolum ) until I'm a subscriber, which I can't do until I have the funds, which I can't do until the end of this month. But, I can tell you I've no qualms giving UKC £15. Worth every penny.

  • hetzer  |  February 16 2013, 9:55PM

    saundas 7, contact me via Brian's site using PMs. You will know who I mean. We need to meet, info for you.

  • saundas7  |  February 16 2013, 7:23PM

    Hetzer, I am with the BCG on just about everything: except Roger's digital money bank baby. But I'll tell you a few more illegal activities the courts, and the councils, get up to, which you are probably aware of yourself; There is supposed to be proper judicial oversight exercised by the magistrate, or clerk of the court, when he considers granting a liability order. Basically, he has to carefully consider each individual case, and the process is not supposed to be, a mere administrative function. This is according to a Judge Widgery, and he warned that, failing to apply proper judicial oversight was a very grave matter indeed, and it should be brought to the attention of the authorities immediately. I tried bringing this to the attention of the authorities, and I can tell you, it gets you know where. They argue that black is white. Regarding delegation of powers. The courts themselves, do not have the authority to delegate powers to the council, for the issuing of summons. None. Zilch. Nada. I hope this maladministration, this misfeasance, this fraud in office, and all of this stepping outside of scopes of office, does not go unpunished indefinitely, or the people might end up convening their own courts, aka Paris 1793.

    |   1
  • hetzer  |  February 16 2013, 1:10PM

    saundas 7, we are as one on this. Councils issue their own summonses..... UNLAWFUL. Summonses can only be issued by a Court, with an embossed HMCS stamp and a wet signature. Councils even try and tell you how and when you MUST pay your Council Tax.... again, UNLAWFUL. Council Tax is, in itself unlawful under Common Law, there is no contract or consent. Cllr Croney and her nasty cabal are criminals and robbers. Unfortunately, most taxpayers are nothing more than 'sheeple' and can't or won't see the scam right under their noses. I agree, the plod do nothing, they have been bought off. If the plod were doing their jobs and 'upholding the law of the land', they would arrest the lot and every MP for crimes against the people. Join us to fight this, as Britain becomes the new Soviet Russia. The British Constitution Group. http://tinyurl.com/adjwhe2

    |   2
  • saundas7  |  February 16 2013, 1:06AM

    "Councils are out of control. They think they are above the Law. They even think they are the Law. But if the truth were known, they are nothing but a bunch of law breaking criminals. It's against the Law to impersonate a court, but no one's stopping them. The courts are in fact implicit in the scam. The courts have no authority to delegate their powers, but conveniently ignore their own rules. But don't expect the police to do their jobs and arrest these modern day Dick ******s; they won't do a thing to stop this criminality, because the council as the billing authorities, are their paymasters. When you block book a thousand of the poorest people to "court" at once, court costs are nearer £3 each, than £75 or £100 each. They are parasites on the most hard up in society. This isn't good for society, and it won't help social cohesion. I expect people won't take this lying down. And another thing, court costs are supposed to be awarded at the hearing stage, by the magistrate, not awarded by the council themselves, at the summons stage. Oh no! And councils are breaking laws by impersonating courts by sending summons in the first place. Only a court can send a summons. Only 25% of your council tax they can account for. The rest pays for their fat pensions, killing brown people on the other side of the world, and other black ops. And the average CEO gets 160K a year! Calculate that as 160 hard working people slaving to pay for that POS's salary. I hope this is enough so they can sleep at night. They'd have to pay me a lot more than that to compensate for the mob and pitchfork nightmares" Read more: http://tinyurl.com/cwkshb3 Follow us: @thisisdevonnews on Twitter | thisisdevon on Facebook

    |   2
  • hetzer  |  February 06 2013, 6:20PM

    What a scam. Community Projects my foot! Any excuse that sounds believeable to the dumbed down masses. NDDC, along with all the others, are no more than Government legalised thieves. Cllr Croney, what a fitting name, pure and simple cronyism, pushing forward that fat slob, Eric Pickles and his Localism Agenda. All part of the creeping cancer of Cameron's Big Society, aka Big Lie. Council Tax is indirectly going straight in to funding illegal foreign wars, killing innocent people, under Hague's scam of fighting terrorism. Thr REAL terrorsits are in Westminster, NDDC and other Councils.

    |   4