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Second−class shoppers? Letter

By mbarber  |  Posted: August 12, 2014

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There was a time when a community’s necessity shopping was handled by friendly local shopkeepers – regrettably, not anymore! The supermarket reigns supreme. I now travel a fairly short distance to my local Tesco Extra, a huge one-stop shop with free parking. This is fine and, of course, convenient. On the whole, colleagues (staff) are friendly and helpful (although not always immediately available). So there we are, a relatively happy shopping experience – that is, until fairly recently.

Not so long ago a thing known as on-line shopping appeared on the scene. This suits a lot of people but I prefer to look and touch so that I can obtain exactly what I need.

My wife quite likes the idea of on-line shopping because it’s so convenient. She also is of the view that goods selected by colleagues (staff) on behalf of the remote purchaser are carefully selected for quality – not so, I’m afraid. Nowadays, when we trundle our trolley around the aisles at Tesco, we’re blocked, bombarded and generally obstructed by a multiplicity of large green wheeled boxes driven by unsympathetic (usually young) people waving hand-held electronic devices and plunging hands to grab the required product nearest to them. We, the personal shoppers, seem to be regarded as a bit of a nuisance getting in the way of their rapid progress through the aisles. No eye contact, no murmur of apology when one’s trolley is shunted aside and, even more irritatingly, no moving aside to let us personal shoppers seek what they want!

Ah well, that’s progress I suppose. Of course, my wife and I will continue to battle with the hazards of shopping at Tesco but thank goodness for the few remaining friendly local retailers still surviving up the road from where we live.

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