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LETTERS: Shaftesbury residents 'should fight this serious issue'

By shill  |  Posted: January 07, 2014

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HAVING recently moved into the area covered by your magazine, I took the opportunity to read the Blackmore Vale Mag.

And what a picture of uncaring dictatorial local authority this magazine exposes!

Maple Road Shaftsbury, unable to get a waste collection because the road “was not built to an acceptable standard” one of the best excuses ever!

The elected councillors, apparently taking the side of the agency responsible for the collection of rubbish, say “We do rely on residents to take responsibility for their waste”.

No, Mr Spokesman, it is the local authority’s job to take responsibility for the refuse and has been since 1895.

Councils and their contractors rely upon the acquiescence and apathy of the local community to get away with the slip shod; they hide behind Health and safety laws to provide the low quality service that is seen all over this benighted country .

Residents of Maple Road are well advised to get together, first of all find the legal position, - is the local authority fulfilling its obligations? Who is responsible for the allegedly sub-standard road? Secondly, form your own pressure group, fight for your rights.

It is not right or fair that you should have to carry (or transport in wheelie bins) your household refuse for over 100 metres to a collection point. Remember the Health and Safety legislation applies to the residents as well as the employed people and I would hazard that carrying rubbish over such a long distance contravenes H&S legislation.

A good start is to form a pressure group of loyal and determined neighbours, elect representatives to challenge Spectrum Housing about the road (of course they have a duty of care to their tenants), and the local authority via CAB, and the law courts if necessary and to form the commitment to help each other in fighting this very serious issue.

However, if you do not unite you will get nothing.

Lionel Anthony, Wincanton

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