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The Widower, ITV - Monday 24th March: TV Review

By mbarber  |  Posted: March 25, 2014

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I didn’t like Malcolm Webster last week, and I liked him even less in the last night’s episode. The second part of a trilogy detailing the true life story of serial wife killer - portrayed by Reece Shearsmith - keeps you wondering ‘how he can keep getting away with it’.

The final scene last week showed Malcolm setting fire to a chair in his in-laws home in New Zealand.

However, his poor wife Felicity smells the fumes, sounds the alarm, and all live to survive another day.

Just, because Malcolm is continuing to add drugs to Felicity’s water bottle, saying ‘keep your fluids up’.

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On a car journey, which you fear will be her last as there is a can of petrol and three fire lighters in the boot, she is called back to her parents as they have discovered that instead of there being $240,000 in her account towards a house purchase, there is just $11.

Before the law can catch up with him, he leaves New Zealand and five years later is to be found living in Oban, Scotland.

It is ten years after he killed his first wife Claire, and he is back working in a hospital, this time lecturing on health and safety.

Pretty nurse Simone Banarjee - who also has the attractions of a cottage and a yacht, but also a boyfriend - catches his eye and he trots out the sob story about the loss of his wife, failing to mention that he is still married to Felicity.

And as he tells Simone that he is suffering from chronic lymphatic leukaemia, stage 3 - 4, you find your skin starting to crawl. He even visits the Royal Marsden, takes a photo of a very sick little boy and sets light to another patient’s waste paper bin!

Please stop this awful creep!

It gets worse. He shaves off his hair and eyebrows in order to get Simone’s full sympathy vote.

But hurray! At last a police officer - played by John Hannah - spurred on by a visit from Felicity’s sister, starts to get very suspicious.

Finding out that Malcolm was nicknamed ‘pyro’ in the Scouts, he’s on the trail and puts the murderer under surveillance.

“I won’t divorce him just to stop him from marrying another woman,” Felicity tells the officer in a phone call

Whew - as the episode ends, it is clear the net is closing in.

Can’t wait for him to get his comeuppance next week and for that simpering, smug look to be wiped off his face.

Marilyn Barber

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