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Wimbourne Minster's model town and gardens Wimbourne


16 King Street, Wimborne, BH21 1DY
  • Telephone: 01202881924

Wimborne Minster's Model Town & Gardens

Model Town


By HolmesPaulF | Thursday, January 10 2013

Fun for all the family at Wimborne Minister's Model Town

Wimborne Minster's Model Town & Gardens is an amazing family day out lo...

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  • Profile image for HolmesPaulF
    HolmesPaulF  |  Thursday, January 10 2013, 11:05PM  |  Report
    Model Town


  • Profile image for Wimborneator
    Wimborneator  |  Thursday, March 29 2012, 7:07PM  |  Report
    Wimborne Minster Model Town & Gardens

    I loved doing the quiz the last time I went here and it's always a big draw. It's strange to see which businesses have survived the test of time and see what used to be in the town long ago. The restaurant is fantastic serving some great food at very good prices. A truly lovely way to spend a summer afternoon.

  • Profile image for Kaz1001
    Kaz1001  |  Thursday, November 25 2010, 3:15PM  |  Report
    Family Fun

    A truly great place for all the family to visit and enjoy. Not open all year round, but when it does it's a great tourist attraction as well as bringing in local visitors too. The shop is full of wonderful items that would make great gifts and the restaurant is something else entirely They serve great homemade food and the prices are so low they are ridiculous. But I'm not complaining, as it's a cheap way to feed the kids during the summer holiday.

  • Profile image for McAngry
    McAngry  |  Monday, October 25 2010, 9:45AM  |  Report
    Mini Me

    This is a fantastic place to take your kids and allow them to explore Wimborne as it used to be. Even my wife, who was born here, never knew about some of the buildings that used to be in the town. If you fancy stretching your mind you can do the quiz where you have to hunt for things around the model village finding them and ticking them off. The restaurant is great, serves a good range of food at a very reasonable price and the shop is full of fantastic gifts. It's a place you would go to again and again.

  • Profile image for DomCar
    DomCar  |  Sunday, August 15 2010, 11:52AM  |  Report
    A great day out

    This is a fantastic place and can be enjoyed by all the family, providing a great day out...and the best thing is, it's right on our doorstep. The model town itself is fascinating, being able to see how the town is set out, and finding places I never knew were there in the real town (do I really walk around with my eyes closed?). They also have a very good restaurant that delivers good portions for a cheap price, so is excellent value for feeding the family. You might even want to consider buying a season ticket allowing you to go back again and again all for £16. Bargain!

  • Profile image for MrBobBobly
    MrBobBobly  |  Tuesday, June 08 2010, 7:23PM  |  Report
    No Mini Waitrose

    It remains to be seen if they will add a mini Waitrose, but it is a great attraction for both kids and adults. I think a season ticket is about £16 so you can go back as often as you want. I also couldn''t believe the price for a children''s meal...less that £2....bargain.

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