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“Bonfires are Anti-Social

When we talk about anti-social behaviour nowadays we usually imagine it to be one of a multitude of misbehaviours like binge drinking, inconsiderate neighbours or reckless driving. Whilst this type of behaviour is certainly selfish there are other forms of anti-social behaviour which have an even greater impact on neighbourhoods but often go unreported or resolved. The issue I refer to is the act of burning rubbish in gardens; bonfires!
The problem with bonfires are many; they produce clouds of smelly, choking smoke which permeates every corner of the house; the smoke may be toxic, dependant on what is being burnt and a single bonfire is likely to release more carbon into the atmosphere in one afternoon than a gas guzzling diesel engine does in a whole year!
As an asthmatic with a young family I do my best to avoid situations in which I and my family are exposed to fumes and smoke, but how can I avoid it if it’s a bonfire that’s producing the smoke?
I would like to see the burning of any waste in gardens made illegal; after all businesses are not allowed to simply burn their waste so why should homeowners?”

By Badger2rtr Posted: October 09, 2012

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  • Mummyduck  |  October 12 2012, 4:31PM

    Hi This is not something I have given a great deal of thought to since my nearest neighbour is over half a mile away, but I do only light my bonfire late in the evening and usually while it is raining, just to be safe and also because then I have closed my windows and taken in the washing, but if I ever live nearer civilisation I will certainly remember this. Maybe local authorities need to look into their policies about collecting green waste and bulky items since it's possible some people do not have much choice. Also if you have a particular problem neighbour you could ask why they don't take it to the local household recyling center and maybe offer to help if they need it. Perhaps its too heavy for them to manage alone. I have never had a neighbour, but I like to think I would be a good neighbour.


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