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Blackmore Vale Magazine


Contact Information

General enquiries
Telephone: 01963 365100

Fiona Dart, Acting Editor
Telephone: 01963 365118

Sports desk
Email: bvmediasport@gmx.com
Telephone: 01332 253052

Picture desk
Email: jnorman@bvmedia.co.uk
Telephone: 01963 365106

Want to advertise on our website or business directory
Telephone: 01963 364055

Digital Publisher - David Bol
Email: david.bol@localworld.co.uk

Our Reporters

Fiona Dart - Acting Editor
Email: fdart@bvmedia.co.uk

Mat Manning - Content Editor / Chief Reporter
Email: mmanning@bvmedia.co.uk

Marilyn Barber - Stour and Avon Magazine News Editor
Email: mbarber@bvmedia.co.uk

Dee Adcock - Reporter
Email: deeadcock@bvmedia.co.uk

Jackie Spiteri - Features Editor / Shaftesbury Matters
Email: jspiteri@bvmedia.co.uk

Sarah Hill - Letters / Gillingham Matters
Email: shill@bvmedia.co.uk

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